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The Future of investing is in protecting our future.

Deetken Impact Sustainable Energy is the result of a strategic partnership with the Sustainable Energy Central America team. With over 20 years of extensive experience managing investment portfolios in renewable energy, in-depth knowledge of the sector and valuable networks in the region, we are well positioned to help accelerate the transition to a green and sustainable energy future in both Central America and the
Through our Sustainable Energy funds, we are making an impact in the communities where we work and helping advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by investing in clean energy technologies, renewable energy, resilient energy infrastructure and energy efficiency projects in the region.

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Why invest in Renewable energy? why central america and the caribbean?

The Central American and Caribbean countries include some of the most vulnerable communities to the effects of climate change. Many of them don’t have reliable electricity or aren’t even connected to the grid so they have to rely on expensive and dirty sources of energy for their basic needs.  At the same time this region’s natural resources and weather offer tremendous potential for renewable energy generation at a reasonable cost.
It’s our goal to invest in building the region’s sustainable energy infrastructure so that these communities can have reliable and clean energy at all times and consequently strengthen their economy and their climate resiliency.

Two Funds. One Goal.


H-REFF (Honduras Renewable Energy Financing Facility)  and CABEF (Caribbean Basin Sustainable Energy Fund) are two funds that co-invest as a single fund in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and companies that deliver solid financial returns and positive environmental and social impacts that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Funding from a committed collection of anchor investors, including a global environmental fund, forward-looking, innovative multilateral organizations, and a leading-edge Silicon Valley based foundation, enabled these funds to have a successful first close. Given our robust pipeline and strong connections with local entrepreneurs, we are on track to deploy the funds in a variety of projects in the region, and we now aim to increase the total funding to be invested in the next couple of years.

Our goal is simple: invest for climate action and generate strong returns.

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Energy Efficiency







Energy Efficiency






Strategic partner

We have decades of experience and an ample network of contacts in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. We go beyond funding for project construction and implementation; we also assist with financial structuring by bringing other co-investors, or advising the project sponsors on the negotiation of terms with senior lenders. 

Corporate Governance

We aim to play a constructive role in the corporate governance of the companies we work with. That is why in addition to contributing financial resources, supervising the projects and measuring their social and environmental impact, we usually hold a seat on the company’s board.


We pursue strong returns while we manage the risk profile of our investments, diversifying our portfolio according to type of energy, project, country and using a variety of investment instruments.

Community Impact

Our investments promote of community development activities such as job creation, technical education, micro and mini entrepreneurship, collaboration of community-based social-environmental initiatives, environmental protection, and reforestation. We have a positive impact on the communities we invest in.

project Eligibility for
Deetken Sustainable Energy investments

How Funding Works

1. Submit Your Project Proposal

First, there is an initial assessment of a project profile or executive summary to determine fit with investment guidelines and approval to advance towards due diligence.

2. Due Diligence

If due diligence process is approved and once completed, an investment proposal is prepared and submitted to the Fund’s Investment Committee for formal approval.

3. Approval and Closing

Once definitive approval is obtained, financial and legal closing takes place. Disbursement of Deetken Sustainable Energy Fund’s investment is usually done according to a previously approved disbursement schedule based on the project’s construction plan and budget.

Are you looking for financing for a project that fits our investment guidelines? We’d love to hear from you.

Spotlight On Sustainable Impact


Panasolar is a new 12MWp grid-connected plant located in Coclé, Panama currently under construction. The project will operate as an Independent Power Producer selling electricity to several large commercial and industrial clients through private power purchase agreements.


This is the first phase of a total development of 30MW+ of clean solar power that will be built over the course of the next three years contributing to the diversification of the country’s generation matrix and bringing progress to the local community of Aguadulce.

In addition to generating 100 direct jobs, mostly for local villagers, the project is supporting important social projects such as infrastructure improvements of the local public school and a potable water tank for the Aguadulce community.


  • $2,500,000 Investment
  • $13,000,000 3rd party capital
  • 100 Temporary jobs
  • 6 Permanent jobs
  • 20 GWh of clean energy/year
  • 4300 tons CO2 displaced per year

Kingo Energy

Kingo Energy is a Guatemalan start-up that provides pre-paid access to distributed solar PV electricity in remote areas of Central America, Colombia, and the Caribbean.


Kingo’s customers have access to energy where often there was none. Typically they also save 20% in the cost of candles and kerosene.

Currently Kingo has 60,000 customers in Central America and Colombia and is targeting growth to 500,000 over the next three years.

Co-investors include Leonardo DiCaprio, FMO, Engie, Proparco, IDB, and Developing World Markets.

  • $1,500,000 Investment
  • $40,000,000 3rd party capital leveraged
  • 600 Temporary jobs
  • 750 Permanent jobs
  • 7.0 GWh of clean energy per year
  • 2,800 Tons of CO2 displaced per year

Kingo Energy

Kingo Energy is a Guatemalan start-up that provides pre-paid access to distributed solar PV electricity in remote areas of Central America, Colombia, and the Caribbean.

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